Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Walsh is a former Army officer, the founder of Hike Like A Woman, and owner of Lone Moose Ski Shop in Laramie, Wyoming.

She's a guide, outdoor educator, professional nordic ski instructor, small business owner and breast cancer survivor. 

Her work with Hike Like a Woman has been mentioned in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Travels With Darley, The New York Times, Real Simple Magazine, The Dyrt, The National Park Journal (Colorado) and Visit Wyoming.

Rebecca has been featured on various podcasts and radio shows including Minnesota Public Radio and as a speaker at the Outdoor Blogger Summit. 

On December 7th, 2021 Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and is currently in the last phase of treatment, endocrine therapy, and recovering from cancer treatment. 

Rebecca’s true passion is helping break down barriers to entry in the outdoors and helping women explore with confidence. She's also obsessed with helping women Veterans like herself seek solace in nature and spreading breast cancer awareness and supporting her fellow breast cancer patients and survivors. 

She does this through events, both in-person and online, workshops and guided trips. 

Work With Rebecca


If you'd like to have Rebecca teach a workshop for your group, lead an outdoor adventure or speak on the virtual or physical stage at your next event please contact her team at [email protected].

Rebecca is comfortable speaking in front of large groups. She pulls from her experiences as a competitive ski racer, Army officer, breast cancer survivor, and small business owner to inspire and entertain audiences. Rebecca has presentations prepared on the following topics but is happy to create something for your group or organization:

  • Developing a winning mindset in life and business.
  • What female Veterans really need.
  • Finding your seat at the table: Why the world needs female leaders in male-oriented professions.
  • Why your children need outdoor adventures just as much (if not more) than you do.
  • Thriving as a breast cancer survivor because of the outdoors.




Rebecca and is comfortable on and off camera. If you'd like to interview her for your next video, radio show, or podcast episode please reach out to her team at [email protected].  She's happy to answer any and all questions on hiking, outdoor adventure, women in the military, breast cancer, and small business development and growth.



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In 2013 I started a Mommy blog and a local hiking group. I just wanted to help women and Mom's get outside with their children.

That blog grew and a movement was created- that movement is Hike Like A Woman.

Now we're a global community serving over 100,000 women every month through our videos, online workshops, classes, and in-person outdoor adventures.

I'm just a woman who likes to help other women get outside and explore.

Join me for some fun online or on the trails.

To learn more, to partner or collaborate, or have me teach or speak at your next event please email [email protected]


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