Trail-Tested Backpacking + Camping Hacks

May 18th at 6pm MT

In This Workshop



Route Planning

There are 3 things that I look for when I'm planning a backpacking route that I don't even think about when I'm planning a day hike. During this workshop I'll share what those 3 things are, why they are important and how you can incorporate them into your route plan.


Clothing + Gear

On my very first backpacking trip I didn't pack a sleeping pad - because I wanted to save weight. The result was miserable. Don't make the same clothing and gear mistakes that I made as a new backpacker. You'll leave this workshop with a packing list, the systems that I use and the science behind why I pack what I do when I'm backpacking. 


How To Lighten Your Load (and not be miserable)

I am not an ultralight thru hiker. I'm a guide. I'm a Mom and I Iike a good night's sleep, so my pack is not minimalist - but I'll share with you a few tips and tricks to cut your pack weight without sacrificing comfort and warmth. 


Backpacking + Camping With Kids

If you're like me sometimes as a parent I think about backpacking and camping with my kids and instantly feel overwhelmed thinking about planning, and packing, and cooking meals, and filtering water, and keeping everyone healthy, happy and safe.  We'll end our workshop with a conversation about how to make this all easy and simple. If you have kids this conversation is for you.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca.

I started Hike Like A Woman because I wanted a space where women could come together and support each other in our quest for outdoor adventure! I hope to see you in our workshop.

Trail-Tested Backpacking + Camping Hacks

Come for the pro-tips. Stay for the conversation.