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Hi, I’m Rebecca 👋🏼.

I help women explore the backcountry with confidence.

I'm a former elite cross-country ski racer and biathlete. An Army Veteran. A ski instructor and hiking guide. A breast cancer survivor and a small business owner.

I'm sharing my story with audiences around the globe as a presenter and keynote speaker.


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 Presentation Topic Ideas

A Seat At The Table

Rebecca brings her experience as a former Army officer, professional ski instructor, outdoor guide, and ski shop owner to talk about what women can do to pull up a seat the table and thrive in traditionally male-dominated professions.

Picking Up The Pieces

When a breast cancer diagnosis left Rebecca struggling with depression she turned inward, transformed her life, and found the strength to keep going. Her message is for anyone seeking to recover from a crisis. 

The Power Of Small

As a small business owner, Rebecca is in the trenches every day as an outdoor retailer and ski shop owner. In this presentation, she shares why small businesses have a huge advantage against their competition and how to leverage it. 

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Walsh is a former Army officer, former elite cross-country ski racer and biathlete, the founder of Hike Like A Woman, and the owner of Lone Moose Ski Shop in Laramie, Wyoming.

She's a guide, outdoor educator, professional nordic ski instructor, small business owner, and breast cancer survivor. 

On December 7th, 2021 Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and is currently in the last phase of treatment, endocrine therapy, and recovering from cancer treatment. 

Rebecca’s true passion is helping break down barriers to entry into the outdoors and helping women explore with confidence.

She's also obsessed with helping women Veterans like herself seek solace in nature. And spreading breast cancer awareness and supporting her fellow breast cancer patients and survivors. 

Rebecca is also a small business owner and entrepreneur and believes that women can thrive in traditionally male-dominated professions. 

She spreads her message of grit and optimism by speaking at events and retreats both in-person and online, leading workshops and guided trips. 

If you're looking for a dynamic and inspiring speaker for your next event contact her at team at [email protected]


About Hike Like A Woman


5,500 Subscribers


1,090 Subscribers





The birth of Hike Like A Woman.

In 2014 I had a new baby, a toddler and was trying to figure out how to take my young children out on adventures. While bookstores are full of "how to" parenting books I couldn't find anything on how to hike, camp, ski, snowshoe, and adventure with my young children. So I started Hike Like A Woman to share what I was learning with my own children. 

Eventually, I started a local hiking group, the Little Laramie Hikers because I wanted to be friends with other Moms like me - who were adventurous and saw the outdoors as a wonderful place to raise kids. I wanted to bridge the gap between online community and in-person adventure. 

Hike Like A Woman hit our stride in 2016, 2017, and 2018 with ambassador blog contributors, an Army of volunteer hiking group leaders, online classes, challenges, workshops,  merchandise sales, a podcast, a digital magazine and an adventure book club.

But this all became too much to manage and juggle my career as an outdoor retailer, guide and ski instructor. So after a few rocky years trying to do it all I stopped but our community continued to thrive even though I wasn't trying to do it all. 

Now Hike Like A Woman has two objectives: outdoor education and adventure travel for outdoorsy women.

(p.s. I still hike with the Little Laramie Hikers - even though now the kids are faster and taller than the Moms 🙃)

Cheers to hiking adventures, big and small.