Hiking Should Be Simple and Easy.

We take the stress and fear away in our signature course, Hiking For Absolute Beginners. 

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Are you ready to say "yes" to outdoor adventures and head into the backcountry with confidence knowing that you have the skills you need?

Hi, I'm Rebecca.

For over a decade I've been helping women explore the backcountry with confidence.

I'd love to have you join me in Hiking For Absolute Beginners. 

You'll go from stressed out and overwhelmed to unstoppable with the information you'll learn in this course.


With Hiking For Absolute Beginners you will...

Develop Confidence

You'll gain new skills and insights into hiking. Hiking in bear country? No problem. You'll know what to do. Want to hike solo and be safe? We'll teach you that too.

Gain Knowledge

You'll know exactly how to read a map, plan a hike and mitigate risk. Do you worry about getting lost? Or losing your way? We'll teach you everything you need to know.

Save Time

You'll have everything you need to know about hiking right here in one spot.  I've spent decades doing the research and testing for you. I'm giving you everything I know.

Imagine what it will feel like...

To park your car at the trailhead and know exactly what trail you are hiking and how long it will take you to hike. In your pack you'll have just what you need -nothing more and nothing less. You'll have a safety plan and it will almost seem too easy.

After you complete Hiking For Absolute Beginners you'll feel safe, knowledgeable, confident, and ready to hit the trails. 

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Together we'll overcome these barriers to entry in the outdoors. I'll show you what is possible. 

Hiking is for the young and fit.

Hiking is for everyone! You don't need to have a certain fitness level, look or act a certain way to be a hiker. Everyone belongs on the trail.

Hiking is scary.

Worried about encountering a bear or stepping on a snake? We'll help you overcome fear so you can be unstoppable in the outdoors. 

Hiking is dangerous.

You know what's more dangerous than hiking? Staying inside and not hitting the trails. I'll show you how to be confident and safe.

Introducing Hiking For Absolute Beginners

This program includes 6 modules containing over 20 lessons released immediately so you can learn at your own pace.

We are continually adding new lessons and you'll have lifetime access to this program.

Here's what you'll learn:

Module 1

Create Your Trip Plan

It's important to start every adventure with a plan. In this module we'll break down the process of creating a trip plan. This will be a plan that you can use for a simple day hike or even a longer backpacking trip.

I'll share tips and templates will take the pain out of planning.

Here's what we'll learn...

Lesson 1: Find your why.

Lesson 2: Your trip planner.

Lesson 3: Weather analysis.

Lesson 4: Determining your food and water needs.

Lesson 5: Leave No Trace Fundamentals.


Module 2

Plan Your Route

Now that you've identified what kind of a hiking trip you're taking it's time to get busy! In Module 2 we're going to dive right in with route planning. 

You'll finish this module feeling confident in selecting a route.

Here's what we'll learn...

Lesson 1: How to select your route.

Lesson 2: The lost art of map reading.

Lesson 3: Cell phone navigation.

Lesson 4: Calculating speed over terrain.




Module 3

Solo vs Group Hikes

Some of our most frequently asked questions at Hike Like A Woman are about solo hiking. Maybe you want to hike with a group, with your family, solo or even start leading group hikes. 

This module will help you identify what kind of a hiker you are and know when you're ready to hit the trails solo (if you want).

Here's what you'll learn...

Lesson 1: Solo hiking, are you ready?

Lesson 2: Group hiking considerations.

Lesson 3: Should you start a hiking group.

Lesson 4: Basic skills for every group leader or guide and lessons I've learned along the way. 








Module 4

What To Wear

Navigating the world of hiking clothing, hiking socks and hiking footwear can be intimidating, costly and (kind of) annoying sometimes.

This module will help you save money by identifying clothing that you already own that will work well for hiking. We'll also dive into where to find outdoor clothing for all body types and how to be a savvy shopper and thrifty saver when it comes to outdoor clothing.

After completing this module you'll know exactly what to wear for hiking trips, how to wear it and how to where to find it. 

Here's what you'll learn...

Lesson 1: Layering Basics.

Lesson 2: Hiking Clothing.

Lesson 3: Hiking footwear options.

Lesson 4: Hiking shoe and boot lacing techniques for optimal comfort.

Module 5

How To Pack

Feeling like you don't have the right gear should never stop anyone from getting out on the trails. In this module we'll talk about how to pack so you're not packing too much (or too little) for a day hike. We'll also talk about the Basecamp bag system that I've developed - it'll change your life!

This module will leave you feeling like you know exactly what to pack for a hike and everything you're carrying serves a very specific purpose.

Here's what you'll learn...

Lesson 1: The 10-essentials.

Lesson 2: How to fit your daypack.

Lesson 3: How to pack your daypack.

Lesson 4: How to pack your basecamp bag.

Lesson 5: Overpacking, under packing and how to pack what's just right.

Lesson 6: How to clean, organize and store outdoor clothing and gear.

Module 6

Safety & Risk Management

Sometimes the backcountry can be a big scary place. Man of those fears can be eliminated through outdoor education and experience. During this module we talk through some common fears that keep women off the trails- and what to do about them. 

You'll finish this module feeling confident in your ability to hit the trails. No longer will fear stop you from enjoying the backcountry. 

In this lesson you'll learn...

Lesson 1: How to create a risk assessment and management plan.

Lesson 2: Communication during a crisis.

Lesson 3: Techniques for staying calm during a crisis.

Lesson 4: Common emergency situation templates + what if scenarios.



When you enroll in Hiking For Absolute Beginners you'll join over 150 women who have enrolled and completed this program. 

I stand by Hiking For Absolute Beginners. It's taken me years to develop this program and I know this program is changing lives.

But, if you try it out and it's not what you expect simply email me within 7 days of your original purchase to request a refund. 

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What our students are saying...

"I’ve been hiking for a few years now (on simple trails), and thought I knew so much already and was just hoping to pick up a few little things in the class. However, I have learned a TON that I’m already putting to use - planning hikes in new places, figuring out what gear and clothes we need and how to store everything, what to bring on every hike etc! The class is easy to follow and and such an amazing value too!"

Jenny B.

"I took Rebecca's course and it was life changing! Her course helped me with tweaks and tricks in my current outdoor adventures."

Mickey S.

“Rebecca taught me to LOVE the outdoors.  Rebecca gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and take my toddler on hikes."

Delilah P.

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Hiking For Absolute Beginners

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