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Conquer your fears and become unstoppable through our outdoor education programs. 

Can we talk about your first-aid kit?

The one that's been in your daypack since 2007? The kit that's been out of bandaids since 2010. The kit with expired ibuprofen? The kit that you rarely ever think about but hope that it has what it needs when you need it?

We've put together a free workshop + guide all about how to inventory, store, sort, and prep your first-aid kit so you can be safe and prepared on your next adventure. 


Snag our free workshop + guide so you can be prepared for anything on your next adventure.

Online Courses

Hone your outdoor skills anywhere, any time, through our online course library!

Wondering how to go backpacking? How do you pack? How do you select a sleeping bag or a tent? How do you plan your route and stay safe? With this online mini-course, you'll learn the basics of backpacking.  Access this online course anytime and any updates we make to it. 


Learn to read a map, use a compass, navigate with your phone, and stay safe with a Garmin inReach by taking our Backcountry Navigation Course to find your way and confidently explore your next adventure. This class is taught entirely online; access all of our course material upon registration. 


Are you new to hiking? Maybe the thought of planning your route, creating a safety plan, and packing your backpack seems confusing and overwhelming.  You can waste time googling it all ~ or you can join us in our on-demand Hiking For Absolute Beginners online course. 


If anyone has ever told you that hiking is too dangerous, you need this workshop.

At Hike Like A Woman, we believe that hiking should be simple, safe, and accessible. It's why we've put together a free workshop + guide to help you navigate uncertainty on the trail with confidence.

So there I was...

The night before a big trip. Scrubbing mold off of my tent. Because I had packed it up wet, shoved it in my attic, and forgot about it after my last big adventure. 

In this workshop I'll share with you pro-tips for cleaning and storing your outdoor gear. From tents to water filters my goal is to help you protect your investment by knowing how to clean and maintain your gear.

Protect your investment

Grab our free workshop and PDF guide all about cleaning + storing your camping and backpacking gear.


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