Here's the truth...

It feels good to know that you have the skills to confidently navigate the backcountry. 

It's easy to scroll through social media and be in awe of what everyone else is doing. We think, "I don't have the right gear" or "I don't look like everyone else on the trails" or "I don't know where to start." So we sit at home and wish we were hiking, camping, skiing or snowshoeing. 

In a recent survey over 73% of the women in our community said that one of the things keeping them at home and off the trails is feeling like they don't have the outdoor knowledge and skills to be safe. 

It's time to fix that.

Here at HLAW headquarters, we've been working hard behind the scenes to put together our winter lineup of outdoor education classes.

If you've wanted to learn how to snowshoe + winter hike, how to cross-country ski or you're an adventurous parent or caregiver and wondering how to get outside with your children this winter you're in the right place. 

Check out our online course selection 👇🏼 and sign up for the class that fits your needs. 

All classes begin 12/1/22 and will be offered until 4/1/23

Feeling good with your outdoor skills but still want to be part of the community?

For a $19 investment you can join our private Facebook group for motivation, and community, and to take part in the monthly giveaways, and take advantage of live-stream Q&A sessions.

Join the Facebook Group

Register for any of our online courses this winter and get exclusive access to our Winter Adventure Club - a private Facebook group just for our community. In the group you'll find access to equipment discounts, support, networking, and spontaneous rounds of tips and tricks via live stream + just for our club members we'll be randomly giving away over $1000 worth of outdoor clothing and gear!