The Hike Like A Woman Podcast

The Hike Like A Woman Podcast

Hosted by: Rebecca Walsh

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I love helping women get outside and onto the trails. I’m a small business owner, outdoor educator, ski instructor, wife, and mother navigating the world as a breast cancer patient. I’m here to...

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Should you follow your excitement?

On today's show, we challenge the notion that you need to always be trying to find the next new and exciting thing. We replace the word excitement with courage. Listen to find out why. To learn more about Hike Like A...
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You're Worth It

I have to tell you a secret. You're worth it! Listen in on today's show where I talk about why. To learn more check us out over at
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The Rules Of Hiking

Do you know the rules of hiking? Do you think they matter? Today I share my thought on the official rules of hiking. To learn more check out our website at
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How to give yourself permission to rest

Stop what you're doing right now and schedule some rest into your life.
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Expert tips for personal safety on the trails.

Today I'm excited to welcome Colette Beyer to the podcast. Often we are asked about safety and self-defense on the trails. Today I brought Colette on the show to discuss this topic. Colette is a personal protection...
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The #1 Thing I've Learned From Breast Cancer

Today I answer a reader question about the #1 thing I've learned from my dance with breast cancer. The truth is I've learned 6 really important lessons. Today I share what they are.
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Backpacking and bladder control

Today on the show I answer 4 questions from our Hike Like A Woman community. ⇢ Backpacking Gear for beginners ⇢ Bladder Control on the trails ⇢Hiking alone with safety ⇢ When do you know you're ready for a longer...
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My husband won't let me hike solo

If you've ever had a partner or loved one tell you that shouldn't hike alone, today's podcast episode is for you. In it I answer a listener's question and share a few thoughts about how to navigate the tricky world or...
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How can I keep my kids safe on hikes?

If you're a parent out there today's podcast episode is for you. In it I answer a listener's question and share a few thoughts about how to keep kids safe on the trails while still letting the explore and learn. To...
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How can I avoid feeling judged on the trails?

Have you ever felt judged as you were hiking down the trail? Today on our very first podcast episode I answer a question from Sandy. She writes "Sometimes when I hike I feel like I don't fit in and other people are...
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